Scotty Shaw (Duke University, 2009) currently serves as the #EUvsVirus CTO and the National Curator of the United States for the European Commission.

His journey towards becoming the global expert started with HackDuke, the premier hackathon for social impact and Duke University's flagship event.

In January 2017, he founded Tech Tree Root to transform an #EUvsVirus Initiator and the National Hackathon Organization of the United States.

Tech Tree Root is a registered Public Charity Organization that creates innovation ecosystems by generating opportunities and resources for technological and entrepreneurial education.

Within 18 months, Scotty transformed the South Central United States by launching hackathons to inspire innovators and leaders for all the major schools in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

After mentoring winners and educating 25,000+ students at its annual events, Tech Tree Root expanded operations as far as California and Iceland, then pivoted into online operations.

501c3 Educational Nonprofit Tax ID: 83-3634028

HackCOVID launched before America's coronavirus national emergency declaration to bring everyone a sense of hope and purpose.

By recruiting talented designers and engineers to defeat coronavirus every week, it became America's national anti-coronavirus hackathon.

After four HackCOVIDs, the European Commission invited Scotty to join the #EUvsVirus team and create a mission-driven initiative (Hackathon + Matchathon + EIC COVID Platform).

#EUvsVirus set world records by hosting 30,000+ participants and 2,164 international teams for the Hackathon, which ended with a jury of experts selecting 120 winning solutions.

Next, at the Matchathon, #EUvsVirus paired the winners with 500+ public and private entities to develop a world-record 2,235 new partnerships and put life-saving innovations into production.

For Summer 2020, he is rallying the world together for a better future.