Who is allowed to join RALLY?
Anyone who follows our Code of Conduct is welcome! Although English fluency is key to enjoying the full RALLY experience, our team will provide support in various languages whenever possible. You may also work with any number of teammates and submit any number of projects in any number of domains.

Does it matter where I am and when I participate?
You can be anywhere you want, but we wish to emphasize the supreme importance of social distancing. Globally, to support our entire community, we have created multiple schedules for different time zones. Be sure to check our full schedule to see on which weekends and at what time each event occurs, but don't worry if you miss anything. We will record all our events and upload them onto our YouTube channel and other social media accounts so that you can join as many events as you wish.

How can I help increase RALLY's impact on more people?
We welcome all types of support: marketing, education, logistical, and financial. If you're ready to join the Alliance to support RALLY, register here so we can onboard you! You can also contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting.

What if I have more questions?
Contact our team for more answers!